Techcity | Who We Are
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Who We Are

Techcity Bangladesh Limited is a Property Management Company (PMC) & Rent Provider. It is established under Companies Act, 1994 of Bangladesh.


We Are Hands-On

Techcity Bangladesh Limited understands the importance of being present at a property, watching over renovations, ensuring there are no potential hazards or violations, and working with the staff.  We meet face-to-face with residents and are available for them during emergencies. Building real relationships is not a lost art at Techcity Bangladesh Limited. We treat your properties as if they are our own.

We Are Transparent

Whether it’s a 4 unit building or a 10-floor complex, our management style is the same, straightforward, effective and always transparent. It is evident from the moment you meet us. There is always full disclosure of all aspects of running your property.

We Are Innovative

Our staff works as a team. We have a great solidarity and spirit of cooperation. You never have to worry when your property manager goes on vacation. We all work together, learn from each other, and pick up seamlessly for each other. Every agent has outlook exchange so their emails arrive instantly and they are on call 24/7. There is a free-flow exchange of ideas and solutions which results in the optimized running of your property.

We are Proactive & Responsive

At Techcity Bangladesh Limited we take great pride in building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. Techcity Bangladesh Limited frequently updates our clients and watches your properties like they are our own so you can enjoy life knowing your building is in good hands. Regardless of whether our clients live near or out of state, they trust us to handle their investments. Techcity Bangladesh Limited delivers peace of mind.


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