Techcity | FAQ
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Q: Why Techcity Bangladesh Limited?

The answer is simple: We save you time, money, and hassle. Because we have experience in managing properties, we can offer you the best advice about leasing in our real estate environment.


Q: Will this cost me more?

It will always cost you less. Techcity Bangladesh Limited (PMC) GUARANTEES a lower rate than any other property management company.


Q: How do you screen prospective tenants?

At Techcity Bangladesh Limited, we believe renting to high-quality tenants saves you trouble and money down the road. That’s why we always run credit and criminal background checks (where applicable as allowed by state and city laws) and verify relevant information such as employment history and past rental information at NO COST TO YOU.


Q: Can you help with rental legal documents?

Absolutely. We provide industry-leading leasing documents that will protect you and your investment. Attorneys review our documents annually to make sure they are up to date with state laws and regulations.


Q: Can you make repairs to my property?

Yes. Techcity Bangladesh Limited employs reliable, trustworthy, and skilled repairmen to handle routine repairs. We work with our clients to make small repairs before they become big problems. However, if your property needs a major repair or remodel, we have long-term relationships with repair companies that provide us discounted rates. We pass on those considerable cost savings to you.


Q: Do you charge a leasing fee for renting a unit at a smaller property with no on-site manager?

If you are used to paying a full month’s rent in leasing fees, put your money back in your wallet. Techcity Bangladesh Limited charges a very minimal leasing fee compared to our local competitors, GUARANTEED. Contact us for a free quote.


Q: Will I work with a direct contact who is responsible for managing my property?

One of the most important aspects of property management is being able to contact us and understand the process. Techcity Bangladesh Limited provides dedicated, personable staff excels at customer service. You’ll always work directly with Management and his staff. We’re always available to discuss your needs and even provide emergency phone numbers.